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We are dedicated to early detection and prevention of skin cancer

We offer a comprehensive skin check service for our patients.

Skin checks can be provided by all of our GPs however Dr Mark Fry and Dr Wayne Hurlow are expertly trained and accredited.

Who should get a skin check?

  • If you have previously been diagnosed with skin cancer.
  • A strong family history of skin cancer or significant sunburns.
  • If your risk is high see below for a helpful link.

If your risk is low and you are concerned about a spot, make an appointment with your usual Doctor to have it reviewed.

We do not recommend routine skin checks for patients under 20 years old, however if you are concerned please make an appointment with your usual Doctor for a review.

Skin Check - Enrolled Patients

Full skin check:

15 minute appointment $70.00

Please note that there may be additional costs should you require a biopsy or Liquid Nitrogen at the time of your skin check.

skin check for skin cancer

Dr Mark Fry and Dr Wayne Hurlow have completed the Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine and are recognized by the SCCA as Accredited Skin Cancer Doctors. As part of achieving this accreditation, they have completed their:

  • Certificate in Dermoscopy (early detection of skin cancer with the use of dermatoscope)
  • Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine (up-to-date management of skin cancer – prevention, topical and surgical treatment)
  • Advance Surgical Skills Course

Your Skin Cancer Risk

Are you at risk of skin cancer?

Click here to find out your risk.

Self Checks

Keeping an eye on your skin is important – read about self checks here.

Unsure?  Contact us.

Facts and Figures

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand. Read the facts and figures here.

Want more information?

Dermnetnz is a really useful website about all about the skin.

Skin cancer numbers are steadily increasing and New Zealand has some of the highest statistics in the world.

There is currently good information out there about keeping sun smart, but this hasn’t always been the case.

While prevention is the key, EARLY DETECTION is the most important factor in treating skin cancer effectively.

The Skin Cancer College of Australia (SCCA) is leading the way in skin cancer education, research, advocacy and standards.

skin check for skin cancer