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New Patient Enrolment Information

We welcome new patients to Wakefield Health Centre and enjoy getting to know you and your family.

You can choose to visit us casually, but we recommend you enrol with us for continuity of care and management of your health and wellbeing.

Enrolment Procedure

In order to enrol at any general practice in New Zealand, the Ministry of Health requires us to confirm that you are eligible for funded health services. Therefore, along with your completed enrolment form we require some identification.  The requirements are listed below.

Enrol at our Practice by filling in the enrolment form (one for each person). All adults MUST sign their own form. You cannot enrol someone else (apart from your children). 

ID Requirements for new patient enrolments:

New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents:

  • a passport or
  • NZ birth certificate or
  • evidence of receiving a NZ pension or benefit.

Non NZ Residents:

  • a passport with relevant visa and
  • drivers license and
  • a document with your current address (eg bank statement, utility bill).