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Menopause at Wakefield

Dr Eloise Fry GP

Dr Eloise Fry’s Menopause clinic is available to enrolled and non-enrolled patients.

Dr Eloise has a special interest in Menopause.  She has a Certificate in Women’s Health and is a member of the Australasian Menopause Society.

Dr Eloise recommends checking out the  Australian Menopause Society for reliable up to date evidence based information and Dr Louise Newson’s (a UK GP) website There is also some good information on how to live well throughout menopause, without medication, using lifestyle changes, which is well worth trying.

Initially most women will require an initial consult, follow up after 6 weeks and again at 3 months.  However some women may require more.

At your first appointment you will discuss up to date evidence along with the risks and benefits of HRT and alternative options to decide the most suitable and effective treatment.

If HRT is deemed suitable a discussion on all of the available types, oral vs. patches or creams, the progesterones and which ones, and contraceptive cover if needed.

  • An initial consultation of 40 minutes can be booked by calling Wakefield Health Centre on 03 54 18911.
  • Clinics are on Thursday evenings.


Initial Consult ~ 40 minutes   $180

Follow-up Consult ~ 20 minutes $90


If you are a registered patient you can book a double appointment during Dr Eloise Fry’s usual working time if you prefer, at the usual cost for two appointments.

For non-enrolled patients of Wakefield Health Centre, please complete the below enquiry form and we will contact you with clinic information. 

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