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HPV Vaccine

Important Vaccine Information

The HPV Vaccine is now available – and FREE – for all young people in New Zealand.  If you are 27 years or under and have not received the vaccination get in touch and book your appointment today.  It’s simple, free and a very effective vaccine.

Why bother? Simple – the HPV Virus is the leading cause of cervical, anal, mouth and throat cancers. It also causes genital warts and is extremely common; most sexually active people will come into contact with the virus at some stage.

While the majority of cases are not a problem and will resolve on their own, a proportion will not.  These cases can lead to cancer. The HPV Vaccine is very effective in helping to prevent this, particularly if the vaccine is given before becoming sexually active. There is plenty of information available about the benefits of the vaccination, such as the Ministry of Health website and the HPV Vaccine Myths and Facts website.