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Making ourselves accessible to you!

In our busy lives today, phoning the doctors to make an appointment or requesting a repeat prescription can be hard to get around to – at least within the working day. Would you like to be able to do these things online, in your own time? If so, now you can!

Manage my Health is a website (and also available in an App) that allows you to contact the GP whenever it suits you.

Using Manage My Health you can:

  • Make Appointments

You can make an appointment with your regular GP using Manage My Health. If you need to be seen urgently always phone the surgery – Manage My Health should only be used for routine appointments.

  • Send a message to your GP

On the whole GPs prefer to discuss things in person, but occasionally it may be really useful to send a quick message – maybe you forgot to ask a question in your consultation, or you need a quick clarification. Manage My Health can be really useful for this – but please be aware that is not a good way of asking an urgent question as messages may not be checked every day.

  • Request Repeat Prescriptions

If you have regular medications, you can request a repeat script easily using Manage My Health. Don’t forget to tell us which pharmacy you want the script sent to – this makes our lives much easier and saves us having to phone you anyway to ask!

  • View your Test Results

Test results will be available for you to see after your GP has looked at them – so there may be a comment from the GP about your result. If they feel it is more appropriate, your GP will phone or ask you to come in to the surgery to discuss your results.

You need to come in to the surgery to be signed up for Manage My Health – you can do this anytime and don’t have to wait until you are next seeing the GP. Just bring some ID such as your driver’s license so that we can verify we are giving the right information to the right person! It’s a very quick process, and once you have your login details you can access the above services whenever you like!