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Fry Sabbatical Leave

After nearly 10 years working as GP’s at the Wakefield Health Centre Mark and Eloise will be away from the Health Centre for July/August/September on “sabbatical leave”.  We will be spending this time with our two boys- Joshua (6) and Benjamin (4) working on the Chatham Islands.   We will be the sole GP’s and therefore responsible for all routine and acute medical care for the population of 600-800 patients.  We are excited about the adventure and challenges of working in a unique and isolated setting and also looking forward to having some quality family time together away from some of the distractions of modern living!  No doubt we’ll come back with stories to tell and some new ideas. 

Dr Greg Price and Dr Jenny Cooper will provide locum cover at Wakefield while we’re away and we are definitely coming back!

If anyone has any specific concerns about their care over this period please come and see us to discuss things.


Mark and Eloise Fry